Commercial Roofing Denver, CO

Capstone Roofing Colorado provides affordable yet professional commercial roofing services to the Denver Area. Our commercial roofing contractors specialize in all commercial roofing services including commercial roof repair, commercial roof replacement, and commercial roof installation. We install many different types of commercial roofs including EPDM, TPO, built-up roofing, and premium metal roofing. With the wild weather of the Denver area, having a sturdy commercial roof is important. If you get a leak in your roof, you may need to shut down your business until the roof is repaired. With Capstone Roofing Colorado, you know that you’ll get high-quality commercial roofing services every time you call us. If you need commercial roofing services, contact us today to get a quote.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

Commercial roofing repairs can come in a wide range of sizes and severity. Some repairs can just be a simple hole or a cut that will only require a patch, while other commercial roofing repairs can require more extensive repairs, no matter the extent of the damage, Capstone Roofing Colorado will repair your Denver commercial roof back to its original strength.

Commercial Roofing Replacement

If your Denver commercial roof is damaged beyond repair, a commercial roof replacement may be needed. Fortunately, Capstone Roofing Colorado provides high-quality commercial roofing replacement services to the Denver area to quickly get your business’ roof restored to full strength. This is especially important with the unpredictability of the weather in the Denver area. If you think you may be in need of commercial roofing replacement in the Denver area, contact Capstone Roofing Colorado so that we can replace your roof for an affordable price.

Commercial Roof Installation

Need a new commercial roof? Capstone Roofing Colorado has you covered for your commercial roof installation. We install a variety of different commercial roofing materials on your commercial roof. All of which are installed by professional roofing contractors to make sure your business is covered for all types of weather. When you get your roof installed by Capstone Roofing Colorado, you know you’re getting your commercial roof installed by the best. If you need a commercial roof installed, contact us now to get started.

Types of Commercial Roofing

We provide a variety of different commercial roofing options for your Denver Business, all of which are built to handle all the weather that the Denver area can throw at it.

Single Ply Roofing

Don’t let the name single ply roofing fool you, just because it is one layer does not mean it isn’t built to be durable in all types of weather and temperatures. Single-ply roofing comes in two types, EPDM and TPO, both of which are more than capable of handling the weather in the Denver area.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM is a rubber roofing membrane that has been used on commercial roofs for over 40 years. It is usually installed on a flat, low slope, or built-up roofs. EPDM roofs are resistant against hail, all weather, ultraviolet radiation, cold temperatures, hot temperatures, and thermal shock.

TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is a durable and yet very customizable option for your Denver business. It is single-ply, but is extremely durable and built to handle all of the weather that Denver can throw at it. TPO roofing is also energy efficient by reflecting much of the strong sunlight that the altitude of Denver will throw at it during the summer.

Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing is extremely durable and is built by layers of asphalt and reinforced fabric. Our built-up roofs are built seamlessly leaving no weak points for water, hail, UV light, or anything to get through. If you are looking for a durable roof, built-up roofing is a great option for your Denver commercial roof.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Capstone Roofing Colorado’s high-quality, low-maintenance commercial metal roofing is a great option for your roof. Metal roofing provides reliable performance without sacrificing the aesthetics of your Denver roof. Metal roofs are great for all types of commercial businesses in the Denver area.

Contact Capstone Roofing Colorado for all Your Commercial Roofing Needs, Whether You Need Repair, Replacement, or Installation.

Custom Roofing Services

Our experienced Denver area local roofers work one-on-one with you, our valued customer, to provide personalized, professional roofing services for your commercial property. We tailor our roof repair, roof replacement, new roof installation, and gutter repair and installation services to meet your unique roofing needs. We ensure that your custom roofing services are done affordably, efficiently, and with minimal interruption to your business.